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The XF-100A Firehawk

XF-100A Firehawk

The XF-100A Firehawk is an experimental design for the next-generation fighter plane of the 21st century. Its mission is total air dominance. It has look-down, shoot-down capability over every other fighter aircraft in the world. The Firehawk's maximum stated speed is Mach 6+ (over 4,000 mph, or 5,866 feet per second) at 40,000 feet, and it can cruise at Mach 2 in "supercruise" mode (without afterburners) much as the present-day F-22 Raptor. Its radar cross-section (RCS) is approximately 0.000000197 meters². Maximum range without refueling for the Firehawk is an estimated 5000 miles, using classified low fuel-consumption technology. With external fuel tanks, the Firehawk can fly unrefueled to any trouble spot on the globe in less than two hours. Operational ceiling is over 90,000 feet. The Firehawk is powered by two Pratt & Whitney J61 turbo-ramjet engines, each producing 42,500 lbs. thrust, giving a thrust-to-weight ratio of greater than 2:1. This high ratio enables the Firehawk to go supersonic while flying straight up, enabling it to claim the world absolute time-to-climb record of 70 seconds to reach 100,000 feet. Armament consists of up to eight AMRAAM or HARM missiles, two Phoenix missiles, and two 30mm cannon.

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Mach 6+ (4000+ mph/6400+ kph)
Unrefueled Range:
5000 mi/8000 km
90000 ft/27432 m
Two Pratt & Whitney J61 turbo-ramjets
with 3-dimensional thrust vectoring
Combined thrust:
85000 lbs (38590 kg)
Eight AMRAAM/Eight HARM missles
Two Phoenix missiles
Two 30mm cannon
Radar cross-section:
0.000000197 meters²

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