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APB on Russell M. Tuttle

Looking for Rusty Tuttle!

Russell Morris Tuttle
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We are trying to get in touch with my brother in-law. We haven't had any contact with him since late 1997. His last known address was in the Dallas, TX area:

Name: Russell Morris Tuttle
Birthdate: October 8, 1961
Last known address: 10256 Carolina Oaks D
Dallas,TX 75227
Phone: (972) 289-7327

Photo 1 shows Rusty at a relative's home in November of 1994. He is in the middle of the photo. Photo 2 is a blowup of Rusty from the previous photograph. We have called the above telephone number (no answer), as well as sending a letter which was returned, marked "addressee unknown." We have also tried 1-800-U.S. SEARCH, but the only information they were able to find was the above address and phone number (which we had already found on the net). They are still pursuing other leads. Rusty is listed with as well as with He may be meeting with an AA group in the Dallas area. He has been homeless for periods of time. If you have any information at all, please send an e-mail:


Thank you for your help!

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