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Peter Birch
17661 East Kepner Drive Email:
Aurora, Colorado 80017-3309 Home Page:
Phone: 303.752.3086  

Objective: Professional software design and development.
Summary: 18 years of programming experience using C for 16 years and C++, HTML and JavaScript for the last 4 years.
Languages: C / C++, HTML, JavaScript, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Clipper, 80x86 Assembler, BASIC, Fortran.
Software: Windows 95/98/NT, DOS, NetWare, Linux, PVCS Version Control/Configuration Management, CodeBase, Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland C++ Builder, Oracle 8, Oracle Developer/Designer, Novell-NetWare SDK, Win32 SDK, STL, VCL, PHP, mySQL, Citrix.
Lead Programmer Analyst
October 1990 – Present
  Lead programmer analyst supervising other programmers.
  • Team member on an Oracle8 data warehouse project that is web-based with a browser front end. The application was developed using Oracle Developer 2000 and Designer 2000 tools and runs under Oracle's Web Server. Helped write and debug the internal PL/SQL, HTML, and JavaScript.

  • Maintained a WEB application to track and report on Six Sigma initiatives. Currently runs on a Linux server and uses mySQL for the database and PHP, HTML, and JavaScript.

  • Developed a C++, web-based mail/email distribution list application employing Borland C++ Builder with Java and ActiveX plug-ins by Crystal Reports for custom printing and viewing. This system was deployed on NT running an Apache web server with an MS-Access database.

  • Designed several object-oriented security and network management tools for I.T. use, including a number of programmer utilities. These were done with Borland's C++ Builder and the Win32 API.

  • Current project lead for the Salary Administration and Purchasing Control Systems. Participated in the full life cycle of these systems. The Salary Administration system is an H.R. application for tracking all H.R.-related employee information. The Purchase Control system is used for full material management in an engineering and construction environment. These systems are multi-user and running on Novell and NT networks worldwide, and Citrix is used to access these applications from smaller offices. Supervised up to six other programmers on these projects. Win32 API, C and C++ code as well as 80x86 Assembler and 16bit Clipper are used. Version control software has been used throughout their life cycle and enhancements and maintenance has been ongoing for 10+ years.

  • Developed and maintained a custom development library. Wrote all the operating system and network specific code contained in this library. This is a mixture of low-level and high level functions and objects. All systems that are written in the company use this library to maintain a consistent look and feel across applications. This library also uses the Novell and Win32 APIs.

  • Maintained several Microsoft Visual C++ systems to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Beta tester for The SemWare Editor since 1990. Supported the office in the use of this editor. Helped develop the commercial macro package and custom macros. Also helped support it on the Internet and wrote an add-on product to colorize keywords and symbols. This feature was incorporated into the commercial release of the editor.

  • Helped debug the company's more difficult application problems in a variety of languages: PL/SQL, C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Apache / Linux configurations

Programmer Analyst / Software Engineer
January 1985 – October 1990
  • Developed ordering and order forecasting software for distributors of COORS Brewing Company as a member of a six-person team. The 16-month project was developed using C and Clipper on the PC platform. It enabled distributors to create orders and electronic mail on their workstation and then dialed up a VAX at the brewery and sent the information. This position involved analysis, design, specification, programming, testing, implementation, and support as well as user contact. This project was maintained and developed on a Novell network using version control software.

  • Fire Protection Stock Listing System for job costing, inventory tracking, fabrication and setup plans for fire protection sprinkler systems. Participated in all phases of this 18-month project, analysis through implementation. This system was developed for UNIX and MS-DOS using Clipper and C and has been used by Arapahoe, Western States, and Qualifire Fire Protection companies.

  • Document tracking system, used at the University of Wyoming for their geological library which was donated to them by ARCO. This system is also being used by ARCO.

  • Billing system used by Professional Controls Systems and Services. This system automates medical billing and electronic transmission of insurance claim information to Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other insurance companies, as well as receiving electronic claim information from physicians.

  • Hotel Management system with all front and back desk functions. This was developed over a 12-month period using Clipper and C while working directly with the users.

Systems Operator
September 1983 – January 1985
  • Operated IBM System 360/370 running MVS with JES 3.

  • Operated DEC PDP11s running RSTS-E.

  • Ran production work, did backups and fixed JCL errors.

Professional Affiliations:
  • Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG) since 1998.

  • Netware Users International since 1991.

Education: Formal education and professional studies have included Visual C++, MFC, ODBC, C, C++, dBase, BASIC, Fortran, JCL, COBOL, Telecommunications, PL/SQL and Beginning Oracle DBA courses. Worked as a computer lab assistant, tutored students and supported the college computers.